Which Nitro Cold Brew Coffee System is Right For You?

Ever since JoeTap introduced the first on-demand nitro cold brew coffee dispense system in 2014, other products to dispense nitro cold brew have come forward in response to explosive demand. Nitro cold brew is truly one of the fastest growing categories in the premiumized beverage category and continues to see exponential growth. However, as demand grows so does the need to meet the various needs of dispensing in different channels.

Fortunately,  JoeTap remains the leader in nitro cold brew innovation. Our classic RTD solutions continue to lead the way by providing dispense units in multiple configurations. The JoeTap standalone unit provides portability with affordability. Our RTD high capacity units and kits offer in-house solutions in multiple sizes and configurations. RTD (ready-to-drink) is the preferred method of dispense for those who are brewing in-house but also for those who purchase 1:1 to 4:1 concentrates.

The JoeTap Countertop is our newest offering and is optimal for high volume and high traffic business such as high traffic coffee retailers, C-store, QSR and hospitality among others. With pending NSF and UL certification (expected certification Q2 2017) the JoeTap Countertop brixing system offers a post mix solution that requires no kegs or nitrogen cylinders. The JT-CTMG sits easily on a countertop, accepts 1/2 or full gallon BIB’s (bag-in-box) and has integrated nitrogen generation.

See our feature comparison below to see why JoeTap is the leader in Nitro Cold Brew dispense and which unit fits you best.

JoeTap Countertop JoeTap RTD NitroPro N2 Fusion
Brixes cold brew concentrates up to 20:1
Stainless Steel Taps
Off-premise Portability
Portable Power Option
Nitrogen Generator Option
Integrated Nitrogen Generator
Dual Choice (Still and Nitro) from a Single Keg
Adjustable Nitrogenation