Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does the Joetap Standalone unit cost?

A. The JoeTap Standalone comes in either a single or dual tap configuration. Call our toll free number 707-448-5151 and ask to speak with a sales representative for pricing and ordering information.

Q. How does it work?

A. The in depth explanation is proprietary, but suffice it to say that JoeTap’s patent pending system infuses nitrogen into the cold brew coffee in-line at the time of service. This method ensures a perfect delivery of frothy, delicious nitro coffee…every time!

Q. Do you deliver cold brew coffee as well?

A. We can help you find cold brew coffee in your area in a ready-to-drink (RTD) or concentrate presentation that best fits your needs. We work with companies that make and/or distribute the best cold brew coffee in the industry. We are happy to provide you contact information upon request.

Q. What do I need to purchase to get it to work?

A. The JoeTap comes with everything you need except for cold brew coffee and nitrogen. You can purchase cold brew coffee through your coffee supply house or brew your own! Nitrogen is available from local compressed gas suppliers.

Q. Do I need anything else to serve Cold Brew on Tap using the JoeTap?

A. Yes – Electricity. The stand-alone unit is a self-contained refrigeration unit (like a mini kegerator). It uses a very small amount of electricity at 1.5 amps so it can be plugged in almost anywhere.

Q. Can I take the JoeTap unit to other places than my business? Is it mobile?

A. The JoeTap Stand Alone unit comes with low profile casters to be mobile for short distances on a smooth surface. The unit is not designed to be rolled through rough terrain. However, with the proper handling, the unit can be transported to off-site locations.

Q. How much cold brew coffee does a keg or tank hold…and how many drinks will I be able to get from that tank?

A. The Cold Brew Tank in the JoeTap is 2.5 gallons (320 ounces). It can produce: 26 – 12 oz servings or 20 – 16oz servings. If you get the larger High Output unit that can hold 5 gallon tanks your output increases to 95 – 12 oz servings and 71 – 16 oz servings.

Q. Can I have the JoeTap under counter?

A. Yes…if there is enough clearance under your counter. The JoeTap stand-alone unit is 37″ tall without the serving tower. If you would like to look into our JoeTap High Output Kegerator units or Retrofit your existing under bar refrigeration unit with JoeTap technology please consult one of our sales associates. We can recommend the unit that best fits your needs and budget.

Q. What if I want to have more coffee on tap?

A. Kegs can be put in series, allowing you more coffee available without changing tanks (only available on the JoeTap High Output or JoeTap System). Another solution is to simply swap out tanks that are pre-filled, pre-chilled and ready to go. If you choose to have the JoeTap under the counter, you can tap into a larger keg as well.

Q. Can I have my own artwork on the wrap?

A. Yes. As an owner of your new JoeTap standalone unit (JT-1 or JT-2) you can email and request a password to access the customizable dieline as a template for your JoeTap wrap graphic. When you receive your password, Go to this page and enter it in the required field. You will be required to read the instructions and Terms of Use before downloading.

Q. Do you provide service for this?

A. Each unit is provided with a manual that will guide you through most trouble shooting issues. A trouble shooting instruction guide is available at as well. If you need further assistance, we have a full service department available at 707-448-5151.

Q. Where do I find Nitrogen?

A. Food Grade Nitrogen (N2) is available from most compressed gas companies. Most likely the company that supplies you with CO2 for your soda system will be able to handle your request for nitrogen.

Q. Can I pour Nitro Cold Brew Over Ice?

A. Presentation of Nitro Cold Brew is up to you and your customers. Trust me, they will let you know how they want their Cold Brew served. Our suggestion is serving Nitro Cold Brew in a clear glass or clear to-go cup. This presentation allows the customer to witness the magnificent cascade and formation of the Crema.

Q. What do I charge for Nitro Cold Brew?

A. We specialize in dispense. What you charge your customers for your products is up to you. A good comparison is seeing what your local Coffee Houses are charging for Iced Coffee. Pricing is a retailer’s decision.

Q. What are the dimensions of the 2.5 gallon tank in the JoeTap?

A. The tanks are 15″ tall, x 8.25″ diameter and weigh 7.5 pounds empty.

Q. How do I clean my JoeTap?

A. Your JoeTap will come with cleaning packets and instructions on how to clean it. We recommend the JoeTap be cleaned every week and every time you change brands of coffee on tap (whichever comes first). Additional Packets of JoeTap Cleaner are available by calling 707-448-5151.

NOTE – JoeTap to be cleaned with JoeTap Cleaner only – the use of other cleaning agents will void the warranty and damage the unit.